The Art of Playing Dead (2021) poster
The Director of The Art of Playing Dead (2021) requested an image of the living statue be used as the hero image for the poster. After selecting an appropriate image from the photographers, I made some small adjustments to the images to allow for a strong composition within the poster dimensions. Next, I chose a typeface and applied the copy text and logos as required. The poster was designed to be A0 with a web alternative, using dimensions optimised for Instagram.
Design © 2021 Gabriella Wilde
Photograph © Dunnwood Photography
[Image description: ‘The Art of Playing Dead’ poster. Photograph of a gold, human statue standing on a plinth in a park. Flowers in one hand, his other is open, presenting the title. Text reads: “Jâms Thomas. Sophia Demille. An It’s My Shout film. Written by Alex Mathias. Directed by Kristy Philipps.” Logos: Sony, BBC Wales, It’s My Shout, Cardiff and Vale College, BadWolf.]
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