Risograph print as a zine panel for 'It's Not Rocket Science': Care for Contemporary Creatives. This body of work for my MA Illustration degree explored attitudes around creative careers and how we can care for ourselves as creative professionals. Through various business workshops, I have felt out of my depth surrounded by entrepreneurs confidently using business jargon. Within this illustration, I wanted to visually depict this feeling of 'othering'.
© 2022 Gabriella Wilde

[ image description: 
Image 1: Risograph print. Three figures sit around a table, dressed in business attire, sat with notepads, laptops, and phones, avoiding eye-contact with the child that sits in the middle of the group. She sits, fluffy pen in hand, swinging her welly-clad legs under the table. Above, handwritten text reads: "Take some notes and pray that you don't ask a silly question."
Image 2: Risograph print book spread mockup.]
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