I Am One (2021) poster
A hero image by Ray Hobbs formed the basis of the I Am One (2021) poster. I chose to mimic the black and white nature of the film within the poster, adding a red spot-colour to highlight the blood on the main character and the Mod symbol. The director requested for the father figure to be on the poster, as their relationship is at the heart of the film. This was incorporated into one of the headlights of the bike, using a still from the film. Secondary characters were also integrated into subsequent headlights utilising images by both stills photographers. The title typeface was matched to the text used within the film, and I applied the remaining copy text and logos as required. The poster was designed to be A0 with a web alternative, using dimensions optimised for Instagram. Two colourways: dark grey, and white, were chosen to work in tandem.
Design © 2021 Gabriella Wilde
Photographs © Ray Hobbs and George Mutter
[Image description: 
Image 1: ‘I Am One’ dark grey background poster. Black and white, with red spot colour. Disheveled, a boy with a bloodied face and clothes rides a mod scooter. Within the headlights, we can see the portraits of those central to his story. Text reads: “An It’s My Shout Film. Written & Directed by Alexander Vlahos. Starring Peter Devlin & Mark Lewis Jones.” Logos: Sony, BBC Wales, It’s My Shout, Awen, BadWolf.
Image 2: White background alternative design of image 1.]
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