Digital illustration combining cut-out and hand drawn typography for 'It's Not Rocket Science': Care for Contemporary Creatives. This body of work for my MA Illustration degree explored attitudes around creative careers and how we can care for ourselves as creative professionals. Doubt is incredibly subjective and can be all-consuming. Regardless of the reality of fellow creatives, it can be easy to convince yourself that you are not good enough. 
© 2022 Gabriella Wilde
[ image description: 
Image 1: digital illustration. Three children are sat (or laid) on the floor, painting and drawing. Two of the children are happily creating, in the Flow of their work. In the foreground, one child sits tensed up, clutching their knee to their chest and biting their thumb. Thoughts and doubts swirl around this child in a hand drawn typeface: “I hate this! I give up! Ugh... Oh no! I bet theirs looks much better! Why can’t I do it. I which I could draw. This looks rubbish! Um.” To the side, the main thought dominates in cut-out typography: “Am I good enough?”
Image 2: Risograph print mockup. ]
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