Digital illustration and hand drawn typography as part of 'It's Not Rocket Science': Care for Contemporary Creatives. This body of work for my MA Illustration degree explored attitudes around creative careers and how we can care for ourselves as creative professionals. A Government created career guidance quiz suggested that my skills could be suitable for a Circus Performer. Professional doubt can become prevalent, especially in the context of tuition fees and student loans.
© 2022 Gabriella Wilde
[ image description: 
Image 1: digital illustration. A clown sits at a table with its back to the viewer, in front of a Hollywood mirror. In the mirror, the melancholic clown is using a paintbrush to drag its makeup across its face. Various art materials litter the table. Text above reads: “A government quiz said I should become a clown...”, it continues on the clown’s back: “My art school debt suggests I already am.” 
Image 2: Square risograph print mockup.]
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